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With a little effort, our members can easily double their monthly investment in just a couple days.


We pride ourselves on having a small, tightly curated group where members' voices are heard.


We don't just tell you what to cook, we teach you how to cook and help improve your skills to increase your profits.

SMS alerts

Don't miss a thing! Whenever there's a shock drop or notification, we don't want our members to miss. Our alerts keep you up to date even when you arent on discord!

Early links

Early links are a vital part of any cook group. We have the most consistent and correct early links, so you won't get caught off guard when a site changes their links last minute.

Release calendars

Stay on track. Know what releases are coming up, how profitable they're going to be, and what time drops are happening on each site. We take the guesswork out of copping profitable items.

Group buys

Our exclusive, well developed partnerships allow our users to enjoy a range of amazing group buys. Secure bots, proxies, and other tools that you would never touch outside of Tsunami.

So many monitors

Our lightning fast monitors support over 350 sites. We're constantly improving our monitors to make sure they're the best - you'll never see us miss a restock.

Extensive Info

From release guides, keywords, and sitelists to live drop updates and restock alerts, our top-notch info ensures you are perfectly prepared for every release


We're available 24/7, 365 days a year

To maximize your likelihood of success, our specialist staff are around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any and all of your questions.

Our Monitors

Dont miss anything.

Shopify, Supreme, Footlocker, Champs Sports, Eastbay, Footaction, Hibbett, Nordstrom, Adidas US, YeezySupply, and more!

If you can think of a SNKRS region, we've got it - as well as Nike desktop monitors, SNKRS shock drop monitors, and more!

Mesh, SNS, Solebox, Slamjam, SVD, Footlocker EU, Offspring, END, Starcow, ASOS, BSTN, Zalando, and much much more.

Between US sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, Funko, and Target, as well as EU flip sites like Smythstoys, MediaMarkt, JohnLewis, and ExpertShop, you'll never miss a flip restock!

Tools & Extras

We want to make sure that we offer our members a large range of tools to assist in their reselling carrer. Even when there aren't many shoe drops, Tsunami members still make boatloads of money. With our large feature list, there are so many extra ways to make money in Tsunami

eBay Views Bot

Get more views on your listing and push the listing to the top of the page. No more worrying about not selling an item - get hundreds of views and loads of attention on your product.

Discord Bots

We have over 20 custom discord bots to allow you to get many cool features such as shopify link generating, address jigging and much more!

Bot Flipping

We have the LARGEST, most COMPLEX bot flipping section in the entire community. Not only this but we also an exclusive partnership with Tidal Marketplace!

Brick Flipping

We have a very large brick flipping section which allows members who dont have bots to make hundreds of dollars off of items that are sitting on shelves!

Lowkey Flips

We have a huge section about flips - from free flips and lowkey flips paired with advanced advice for selling in various markets, helping members make thousands off of random items!

Options trading

Tsunami has a special team dedicated to options trading to ensure members not only make money, but also get a valuable education in the process.

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